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At Wizard Systems, Inc. our flagship Technology Division has been providing technology solutions and services to organizations since 1978.  From retail outlets to major teaching hospitals,  manufacturing plants to nuclear plants.  Federal, State and Local governments.  We have worked with a variety of business types, sizes and styles.  Our thirty-two years in business have given us a unique perspective and penetrating insight into the relationship between business and technology; both the way it is and the way it should be.


Wizard Systems was there for the birth of the computer revolution.  We knew immediately that there was a future for those 'toys' that we now call PCs.  And Wizard Systems was there to help shape that future.  And we are still here; helping businesses of today to attain their future through technology -- Technology With a Touch of Magic!


Wizard Systems' Technology Division offers a full range of technology products and services for businesses.  We currently focus on companies, or departments, with two to two-hundred computers.  If your company is in that range and you are in need of quality technical services then we are your best choice. 


Technology promises a future full of magic.  Don't go to a charlatan that tries to fool you with impressive sounding words and high-tech slight of hand.  You deserve the real thing.


You need the Wizard!



Technology Services & Solutions

  • Technology consulting

  • Project management

    • Pre-Project analysis

    • Post-Project review

  • Networks

    • Design

    • Installation

    • Maintenance

  • Analysis services

    • Bid analysis

    • Site analysis

    • Security analysis

  • Websites

    • Site design

    • Site maintenance

  • Power Protection

    • NCPI analysis

    • Surge suppressors

    • Back-up and UPS systems

    • Rack systems

      • Hardware racks

      • Power distribution

      • Cable management

      • Monitoring systems

      • Rack cooling systems

  • Software

    • Retail Software

    • Custom Software

  • Hardware

    • Custom systems

    • Storage

    • Monitors & displays

  • Home & Office Automation

    • Lighting control

    • Home & office theater systems

    • Cabling systems

    • pre-wiring, bulk & builder supplies

    • LCD & plasma displays


If you are interested in discussing your technology project with us then please send an email or call us at:





Our website is undergoing a major technical upgrade.  At the present time all orders for hardware and software must be made via telephone.  In the very near future you will be able to order from us online.


If there is something you are interested in please call us at 815-385-9778 or send us an email describing your requirements.






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