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Data Recovery

OK, so you came up with a great disaster recovery plan.  You covered it all:

  • backup power

  • backup data

  • backup facilities

  • even backup personnel.

Everything looked incredible on paper.  Only problem is that this disaster didn't bother to read your plan so it didn't know that it wasn't supposed to provide you with a bad backup or rip the roof off of you data center and topple your server racks like so many dominoesóright in the middle of your offsite data transfer.  Your tech, fresh from a twenty-four hour party, destroys your partition table or... Well, you get the picture.


Because you can't, no matter how hard you try, think of everything; cover every possibility.  That is why Wizard Systems has partnered with Ontrack; a world leader in data recovery.  Ontrack Data Recovery have the facilities, equipment and technical know-how to get your data back.  Even in some of the most impossible looking cases.

While it's true that data can not be completely recovered in all situations there is a good chance that we can get it done.  So click on the link above to get a quote.  What do you have to lose?  Your data is already gone!




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