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The Wizard Systems' Story

Wiz·ard [Middle English wisard : wise; {able to make sensible decisions and

       judgments on  the basis of knowledge and experience} wise + ard, {one who is...}]

Sys·tems {the use or result of careful planning and organization of elements}





Wizard Systems was founded in 1978 by Scott T. Netols.  In the beginning our focus was on developing custom software for cutting-edge vertical markets.  In the forefront of the computer revolution we quickly became a name to be reckoned with.  As time went by Wizard Systems began to diversify. 

Our clients required a reliable source of computers, accessories and supplies.  We met that need by developing relationships with some of the top manufacturers and distributors in the industry; enabling us to provide our clients with products that, in the past, had been the exclusive territory of the Fortune 1000.  We continue to do so to this day.

By 1989 Wizard Systems realized that the growing demand for our computers and software had brought about a similar demand for high-quality business forms that would work with them.  Once again we rose to the challenge.

Unable to locate a consistently reliable source for these forms we decided to cut out the middleman and contract directly with some of the best print shops in the country.  And so, Wizard Systems began to offer quality business forms, on a limited basis, to our consulting clients.

In the 90's Wizard Systems forged ahead.  We began building and offering our own line of computers.  Our consulting clients ranged from new retailers to nuclear plants.  From print shops to major teaching hospitals.  In addition, the demand for our printed products led us to open the sale of business forms to the general public.

Moving into the new century, Wizard Systems, Inc. now consists of two distinct yet tightly integrated divisions. 

  • Our flagship Technology Division which deals with all areas of technology & automation and is dedicated to providing our clients with the right solution at the right time and at the right cost.  We accomplish this using Technology with a Touch of Magic!™
  • Our new Printing Division that is concerned with providing high-quality, affordable solutions for all of your business printing needs.  From our wide selection of standard products to the design and production of custom jobs, Experience the Magic!™

thirty-two years of service and still looking forward... 

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