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Why SBS 2003




Why do You Need

Windows® Small Business Server 2003?

If you are a small business with 3 to 50 users and you are in need of a comprehensive server software solution then the Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 is the way to go.  Here is just a short list of reasons why:


  • Create a central & secure place to store critical business data
    • Centralized and access to data and applications improves employee productivity by ensuring all your employees can get the information they need from their PCs.
    • Software restriction policies help prevent unapproved installations and help protect against viruses and other attacks.
  • Guard against data loss
    • Volume Shadow Copy service enables point-in-time backups and allows your backup procedures to run quickly and with minimal errors.
    • The Small Business Server Backup Wizard guides you through the creation and implementation of a successful data backup strategy.
  • Enable easy access to personal & shared team information from anywhere, anytime and any device…even from an Internet browser!
    • Remote Web Workplace, the new remote portal included in Windows Small Business Server 2003, allows authorized users to access the Windows Small Business Server remote access features via the Internet.
    • Wizards and other mobile device access and synchronization features enable users to connect to data and other files while using their cell phones and other portable devices when they're away from the office.
  • Improve team performance through enhanced collaboration
    • Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides a pre-configured internal Web Site based on Windows SharePoint Services that allows co-workers to share information, including document libraries, announcements, events and links.
    • Enhanced Outlook® Web Access enables users to access an Internet version of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 from the Internet to share files, schedules, etc.
  • Ensure network security, thoroughly and easily
    • Wizards simplify the security settings and help to ensure all the necessary security steps are taken.
    • Windows Small Business Server 2003 is built on Windows Server 2003, the operating system that has increased available services by 275% while decreasing the attack surface 60%.
    • Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes an internal firewall and also supports external firewalls.
  • Keep your business up and running
    • Improved monitoring tools & usage reports keep you appraised of network status.
    • Windows Server 2003, included in Small Business Server 2003, is the most reliable network operating system Microsoft has ever delivered
  • Get up and running quickly & easily
    • Online License Activation means you no longer have to deal with floppy disks for client setup.
    • Windows Small Business Server 2003 is preloaded on the most popular OEM platforms, meaning you can just plug it in and begin to play in just 15 minutes!
  • Get a platform that is easy to grow with today and tomorrow
    • Client Setup wizard migrates profile settings (including desktop settings and data), so you can migrate from a peer-to-peer network (based on the Windows 2000 OS or above) without disruptions to users.
    • Because Windows Small Business Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition work well together, you can add Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition to your network as a dedicated line-of-business server or as a server dedicated to running Windows Terminal Server in application-mode sharing mode.
    • Windows Small Business Server 2003 Migration Pack enables you to grow from SBS 2003 to the components included within the product (Exchange Server 2003, etc.)

Now that you know why you need Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 what is you next step?  Give us a Call.


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