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SBS Requirements





Windows Small Business Server 2003

System Requirements

The Microsoft Small Business Server utilizes available system resources very efficiently.  The specially integrated server applications share space and reduce the need for super-server configurations.  The following chart shows the hardware you should have when installing a Small Business Server.
MS Recommends
The Wizard Says
300 MHz
at least 550 MHz
2 GHz
256 MB of RAM
384 MB of RAM
1 gigabyte of RAM
Hard Disk
4 gigabytes* (GB) of available hard disk space
4 gigabytes of available hard disk space

10 gigabytes of available hard disk space for server components + additional space, on a separate drive, for user data as needed by your business

* Add an additional 420MB of hard disk space if you plan to install Microsoft SQL server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a 

The requirements and recommendations made by Microsoft will work.  We have found, through our own usage, that increasing available resources prior to installation will prevent problems related to growth, patches, maintenance and will extend the life-cycle of your server.

Hardware prices are so economical at this time that pays to get the system that you will be needing soon, instead of the system that you can just get by with now.

Some things to remember about SBS 2003:

  • Licensing Model
    • SBS 2003 is based on a server and CAL (client access license) model that is similar to Windows Server 2003
    • Two different CAL type are available -- a device CAL and a user CAL
  • Product Parameters
    • Installation of ALL SBS 2003 components are limited to a single server
    • SBS 2003 must be at the root of an Active Directory domain
    • SBS 2003 is designed for businesses with ≤50 users/devices
    • SBS2003 Supports ≤75 users/devices

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