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Sep 10, 2003



September 10, 2003 -- McHenry, Illinois

Today Scott Netols, president of Wizard Systems, Inc., announce that the company's website was to undergo a complete redesign.

The new site will be more user friendly and provide a greater source of information about Wizard Systems, its' products, services and community involvement.  With an anticipated launch date in December 2003, the new website, located at  www.wizsysinc.com, will become a indispensable resource for the company's present and future customers.

Mr. Netols stated that, in order to facilitate background development, during the construction phase the current website was going to be replaced with a one page site.  This temporary site will list contact information and provide a link to the company's Printing Division ecommerce site.

For further information Wizard Systems, Inc. can be reached via email at info@wizsysinc.com  or at 815-385-9778

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