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Jan 10, 2003



Picture of a Newsboy January 1, 2003 -- McHenry, Illinois

Wizard Systems turns twenty-five this year!  Founded in 1978 as a computer consulting and software development firm, Wizard Systems has beaten the odds and is still providing quality service to its customers a quarter of a century later.

Kicking off its' year-long celebration of this milestone, Scott T. Netols, president of Wizard Systems, Inc. announced that the McHenry, Illinois company would be running a series of promotions based on the number twenty-five.  the first of these promotions was a 25% reduction in its technology division's standard rate for new customers.

Wizard Systems is a multifaceted business services company located in northeastern Illinois.  Having diversified over the years, the company now consists of two divisions.  The first, its flagship technology division, provides products and services related to all areas of office automation.  The printing division, Wizard Systems second branch, supplies computer & manual checks & forms, full-color & custom printing and imprinted promotional items for businesses.

For further information contact Wizard Systems, Inc. at 815-385-9778 or via email at info@wizsysinc.com  

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